Military Ministry

Supporting veterans, active military and their families

The Mission

The Military Ministry is specifically designed for military members and their families with the mission to grow awareness of the needs of our servicemen and servicewomen. We help provide the proper guidance and direction while fostering a strong, purposeful sense of community through the creation of a welcoming, affirming and caring environment.

Serving Those Who Serve

Military members and their families bring a variety of gifts, experiences and stories of God’s faithfulness to The Church at Bethel’s Family. However, the special circumstances of military life can easily test their faith and spiritual strength. The challenges of reassignments, lengthy separations from loved ones, deployments in harm’s way, dangerous and traumatic experiences and financial issues may lead to a special need for the fellowship, love, mentoring and caring that the Body of Christ can bring. When the Church works together in a ministry to military members, God can turn these challenges into avenues of increased faith.

The Military Ministry fosters a strong, purposeful sense of community through the creation of a welcoming and caring atmosphere. In that context, our ministry to the military can provide spiritual solutions for the stresses of military life, including relief and hope for those suffering the destructive effects of combat trauma, as is the case with many veterans. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is manifested in physical, behavioral, cognitive, emotional and spiritual symptoms, which, if untreated, can last a lifetime. The Church at Bethel’s Family is filled with opportunities for holistic improvement and spiritual growth. If there is someone struggling with PTSD or another disorder, please know that the Church truly cares and sincerely wants to help. Areas of continued commitment to serve and provide guidance in His name are:


  • Reestablishing a connection with family and community



  • Marriage enrichment
  • Parenting
  • Finances

Care and Support
(practical help)

  • Before deployments
  • During deployments
  • After deployments
  • After separation from service

Pastoral Care

  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Healing for combat trauma
  • Marriage counseling
  • Overcoming addictions

How you can get involved

Volunteer work matters, especially to believers, because the Lord has called us to represent Him to other people through our witness, our service and through prayer. The following is a list of opportunities to serve our military community:

Military Ministry Support Task Force

Supports special events (ceremonies, luncheons, etc.)


Steering Committee

Develops, oversees and supports the Military Ministry

Prayer Warriors

Prays weekly for members of The Church at Bethel’s Family serving in the military


Transportation Team

Transports persons as needed; must be a licensed driver and/or certified to drive a multi-transport vehicle

Military Kids Team

Supports military-dependent children involved in church activities; directs programs for high school aged children

Recruiting Section

U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting
6015 Hillcroft St.
Houston, TX 77081
(832) 594-5905

U.S. Naval Recruiting
6015 Hillcroft Street, Ste 1400
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 771-3544

U.S. Army Recruiting
6015 Hillcroft Street, Ste 1400
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 772-6106

U.S. National Guard Recruiting
3218 S Loop West
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 664-4293

U.S. Air Force Recruiting
6015 Hillcroft Street, Ste 1420
Houston,TX 77081
(281) 773-4680

U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting
3111 Woodridge Drive, Ste 160
Houston, TX 77087


Angela Smith-Duncan
Military Ministry Director
(281) 967-1825


Veterans, get to know your benefits and prepare for life changes; deployments, reintegration, retirement and employment. There are a number of programs providing assistance to Veterans who are currently serving or received an honorable or general discharge.

Military One Source


Texas Veterans Commission
(Representation, counseling for veterans and dependents)





(VA Home Loan Program) or (713) 794-7848 (HUD-VASH for homeless veterans) (Lite Up Texas)

Housing Management Assistance (713) 497-9649






Burial and Memorial




Small Business



Mark your calendar!